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Netflix and Australian Film

Netflix and Australian Films from Isabel Napier on Vimeo.

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Sleeping With Your Smartphone Version 2

image via BuzzFeed

image Chris Ritter, via BuzzFeed

Bedrooms are now a common place to find our dependency on technology, especially amongst the hyper-connected 18-24 year old demographic. The space encourages it, because we have taught ourselves by habit we need it to soothe ourselves to sleep. The two influence each other interchangeably, as our definition of what rest and relaxation entails.


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Smartphones & The Bedroom

I have often wondered what media and place mean to me. Where media belongs, doesn’t belong and how often these two physical places coincide. Media & technology have become a big part of my life, starting and ending with a digital screen. There used to be a set place the media belonged. The cinema down the road, the radio in the dining room, the Television in the study. Now, the two spaces of place and media no longer have boundaries. Phones, tablets and alike can travel with us into any space. Our phone have an entirely new meaning to interact with when we enter our bedrooms. Not entirely different to how we use them in other places, but because of the area we find ourselves using them, takes on a new realisation to our reliance on phones.

Unfortunately, my generation may not be the most impacted by our dependency on smart-screens. The children now growing up in a world where they have only ever known a smartphone, the internet and HD-screens, have been shown to have significant side effects on their sleeping patterns.

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can we make robots ethical?

Our major concern for the future of robots and AI, are robots becoming crappy because its creators, us fickle humans, are crappy. Like accidentally swearing in front of your 1 year old and it’s first word being #$%&, we worry about passing on our least favourable qualities to our creations. The last thing anyone wants is a robot with anxiety or a god complex.

In order to exist, they need to be safe for humans and not a threat to us, and give them the qualities that won’t bring about the robopocalypse. We need to give them ethics.

“What happens, when these robots are forced into making ethical decisions….
…a robot left in an impossible double blind, how could it possibly equip an automated intelligence to cope with this type of complexity?”
“Can Robots Be Ethical” 
Waleed Aly and Scott Stephens, ABC Radio

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