Week 13, Work-In-Progress Review

This week, after settling on my installations’ final design and construction, I started to test projecting footage onto the paper. Upon projecting, I noted that half of the screens were out of the projector’s reach. I could simply have moved the projector upwards to match the screens, but after consulting with other students and tutors these particular screens were hung too high. When I return for the final installation, it will be important as I re-hang each screen to be eye-level and in the centre of the room.

When discussing how the work will be presented over on main campus, and using a different projector, I decided to test using the bigger, and higher resolution projectors. 14858697_10210742988841104_1304805344_o

And while they were higher quality, and notably brighter than the Qumi, the ‘pixely’ look on the drafting paper I felt ruined the illusion of the projection. It blended well enough with my test footage, however I was cautiously aware this may affect the final look of my project.

One of the major concerns with my final installation will be how the drafting film is hung. As Matt noted last week, they all must be straight and completely flat or it will look ‘half-done’ and unprofessional. Pulling the strings tort, as I had done for this test-installation do make the paper flat, but left them crooked depending on the strings’ length.

After my installation, I played around with some sound. Peer suggestions led me to finding some audio that would serve to heighten the visual stimuli, and I began reworking the music box audio I had created with my test rotoscopes. I altered them so, that they no longer sounded like a song, but more ambient background noise, with an eerie vibe to them that could serve me well.