Week 12, Project Progress

Through the week, I searched for and purchased the architectural drafting film that had proved to be an unexpected but fitting medium to project my footage onto. This week I set out to construct a collage of hanging paper, to create a mosaic effect I can project on. Cutting, stringing and hanging these sheets of paper took up much of the tutorial time, and I did not reach the stage of testing what projecting onto them would look like. I only focused on hanging them up and seeing what the end result could possibly be once they were all hung up.

I was pleased with the mosaic look they seemed to be taking on, but there was a major struggle in hanging the sheets straight and flat. What I liked about last week’s iteration was how peculiar the bent sheet looked and how it moulded the projection. However, If I intend to follow through with this grid-like formation, as Matt noted, they must be completely straight and level.