Week 11, Project Progress

This week I tested different mediums I could project onto with my footage. I wanted to project onto an object, to create a presence of the work rather than a viewing experience. I wanted the screen to be out from a wall, that viewers can walk around and see the work from multiple angles, and be an object rather than a projection. I started to test with different types of paper, and hanging them in the black box.

I tried a number of materials I gathered from around the place, some kinds of plastic and a white sheet.

One of the plastics when I projected onto it, was rather shiny and cheap-looking, and it didn’t give the effect I was after. The white sheet didn’t impress me at all, and just reminded me of some amateur film students showing Rocky Horror Picture Show in their basement.

What did work was a large sheet of architectural drafting film. It was incredibly similar to wax paper, without the oily appearance but with a more opaque and smooth finish. It worked incredibly well to project onto. And when one walked around the projection, it was almost a seamless projection. 14881435_10210743206726551_728277568_o

The artists Jo had recommended that had worked in similar fields of paper art installations and sculptures, particularly one of hanging paper using fishing wire. Jo suggested using my idea to make a 3D structure of a mosaic-type screen, that would include depth but viewed head on as one whole.