Week 10, Site visit

Week 10 we ventured over to the Main campus where we would be displaying our final works in November, and toured the spaces that were on offer to us. There was an expansive area that was on offer to us, as we had to envision which areas would benefit us individually. It also prompted us to consider the final design of our works, how they will work displayed with one another, and individual needs that would need to be met. My requirements dictated that the space could be dark, and spacious so the spill of light from the projector on the other side of the paper screens would not distract from the work. At first I considered installing my work outside for this reason, as the open area would mean the light would not meet an end and thus could only be seen on the drafting film.


After the visit however, I moved away from the outdoor idea, and upon a later discussion with Jo, decided one of the classrooms with a projector in the ceiling would be more suited to my needs. The site visit also brought up the issue of sound for me, an area I hadn’t really considered yet in the development of my work. Will it clash with other audio in the room from other works? Does my work need audio?

I concluded to experiment with some audio in my piece, as it felt like something was lacking from its overall shape. To solve the possible issue of clashing audio in one room, I decided I will generate sound that is more ambient and present rather than prominent. I don’t the audio to overwhelm the work, as the visual element is my focus, but sound may also help to strengthen that and add to the presence of the work.