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Week 8 & 9: Experimentation Part 1-2

At home, I began rotoscoping on my makeshift easel, as one of my biggest issues last time was now a solid process and system, and ate up a lot of time. Instead of having to print each frame as a wasteful process, I used a projector to bypass this unnecessary step. It vastly reduced production time for each clip, including having a tracing screen, when it had originally taken me almost 5 minutes for each frame now was halved. The only step in my process that could have reduced time, but alas I had no way around, was photographing each frame (piece of paper) individually.

It was difficult to maintain consistency if I moved locations to draw the frames, maintaining the same distance from projector to screen, same angle, paper, pens…thus it became easier for the process to simply complete them all at home where I could keep all the variables consistent. An inadvertent side effect however was it reduced the allocation of time I could devote to it, and I eventually went back to the nomadic lifestyle and took the projector and tracing screen with me.


After some experimentation with my process of creation and found an efficient groove, I continued making my short clips and designing the physical installation. One of my biggest issues I encountered was the inconsistency in my drawings. On their own, an individual frame it is barely noticeable. However, the conditions in which I photographed them changed rapidly, even in the same clip:


In one half, the lighting left shadows on the edges of the frame, and in the second half the photos were taken in a fully lit room. Another complication was using coloured pencils in add texture and detail to the frames. It become quite time consuming despite my efforts to be simplistic in its use. I also found the end result was not how I envisioned it, like my previous coloured rotoscope had turned out:

Learning to Rotoscope – #4 ‘Shadow’ from Isabel Napier on Vimeo.

I do wish to continue using colour, as it compliments my concept that we remember specific details of things, the girl with the blue dress or the red hat, but I need to find a way of not losing the rich detail it can offer to the rotoscope, but not adding onto the processing time. I also spent time working on audio for week 9, with the files from my first iteration of the music boxes. In their original formats, I felt they were too obvious and cliche, and so I worked on editing and augmenting them by slowing down the speed and reversing. What I ended up with were eerie yet evocative sounds that I felt were fitting with my dreamlike, memory exploration