Week 7: Project Research

I was confident in my choice of footage and rotoscoping to represent memories, then began looking at how I wanted to display it. At this point, I knew I wanted the rotoscopes to be of memories, but was still struggling to connect it with movement. I was quite stuck on dancing, as it had become the only way I imagined rotoscoping to be truly effective. I switched my focus back to the physical installation, as I hoped once I had a physical manifestation of memories it would help me decide on my footage.

Jo suggested some artworks and artists to look at, and first put forward the idea of hanging paper. Originally I had wanted it to be more of a statue like object, but found the 3D effect of hanging paper to fit my ideas better. Particularly, that it almost resembled a cloud, a cloud of memories. I looked at others more closely, and began to realise connecting this kinf of physical work with rotoscoping would require me removing my idea of dancing in rotoscoping, and find something more ‘meatier’. Most of the works involving people I looked at incoporated some sense of identity and humanity, and memories are essential to identity and sense of self. Thus, my idea would be a memory cloud, a map of memories in a physical and digital work.