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Week 6: Project Planning and Presentation


When I decided to continue my rotoscoping, I knew one piece I wanted to be different than my previous assignments was a narrative- or more accurately, a purpose. It is an interesting form of art and animation, that really focuses and highlights movement, but why? For the sake of it? I set out to see if I could connect a reason with the rotoscope animation, not a linear story per say, but a reason to connect the short clips together. Originally, I had though the connection would be the movement only- but it lacked that purpose I was striving for.

Over time, as I researched similar artworks to my project, including its physical installation, I found myself drawn to certain aesthetics and genres for the rotoscoping. They were mostly people based, simple but with extra flair like colour or detail. Eventually,  the idea and purpose developed into memories. The short snippets of rotoscoping animation would signify memories. Our memories almost always include other people, and we remember minute details, a particular colour or shape, but never the picture as the whole. We remember we essence of a memory, never complete but still intensely powerful. That is how I wanted my rotoscopes to form.

I began planning what types of shots, who, how many people, where, what details I would pick out, and shot the footage over a week. I then began selecting the clips I would rotoscope, and bought 2×500 packets of paper and began.