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Week 5: Project Proposal

For my final media arts project, I am endeavouring to explore my rotoscoping adventures once again, this time including a narrative form. I was drawn to the non-linear and disjointed practices of storytelling from the MCA; and also moving the work off a flat screen, to something more engaging and physical.I wish to combine these ideas in my project, through rotoscope or motion tracking animation.

I envision my final piece as being a remix of rotoscoping and creating something visually striking with a story attached. The story will most likely be non-linear as the work will not be viewed from start to finish in the normal sense.

I want to revisit rotoscoping with new vigour. I feel that I barely scratched the surface of this practice and that there is more to uncover. It was a process that challenged me, and as frustrated as I got I feel more motivated to continue with it and conquer it. It created a visual image that I found striking, and I want to search for this moment again through different experimentations, and see what I uncover.


The common thread through my rotoscope film will have to be movement. Rotoscope is very simple, a simple animated drawing thus there needs to be a lot of movement. The narrative has to be engaging too, a story with substance. I was drawn to images and videos of dancing, as it is a movement, but also can speak to a narrative sense through choreography. The second element of my work, I decided I want to try and project it onto something. I want to move away from a single screen installation to something that uses more space. Rotoscoping is about movement so it would be interesting to play with that more.

Playing with both these ideas, having a story and avoiding a single screen could lead to my desire to tell a non-typical story. A Single screen lends itself easily to a monological-story, with a start and end. If I had multiple screens or projections, together they could form a narrative when viewed as one.

I want my rotoscope film to be aesthetically pleasing to responders, and with a simple design and narrative to follow. For the projection, I want it to be slightly challenging, and to make audiences intrigued and draw them in.