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Week 4: MCA Excursion, Telling Tales

Jitish Kallat, Covering Letter, 2012

In Week 4 our class visited the Museum of Contemporary Art’s latest exhibition ‘Telling Tales‘ I always look forward to our visits to the MCA, not only for entertainment but i always find it enlightening and stimulating for forming my own creative ideas. It’s become an imperative part of my media arts classes and major projects. The exhibition we focused on was the ‘Telling Tales’ on Level 3, that focused largely on exploring narratives, and non-traditional, non-linear ways to tell a story. Each had their own unique takes on this approach, with some intentionally disjointed and incomplete to make you pause and reflect on the importance on telling tales.

I found many of the works engaging, particularly Jitish Kallat’s Covering Letter. The use of the fog projection and displayed text was incredibly powerful, as its immediate nature isn’t clear to respondents. It’s only after painstakingly waiting for each line of text to be clear enough to read, and seeing the to and from addressed, do we realise what story this is telling. What also engaged me with this work, was the removal of a non-interactive plain format like the text of a letter and making it into a projection work. You can walk through the letter, which has been transformed into smoke, disrupt and distort it. The ironic part is, no matter how much you try to destroy this letter, in reality, this letter- and its connotations- cannot ever be.