Media Arts Project Week 3: Beginning Professional Site

wix page

This week I began to build my professional site for Assessment 1. After window-shopping a few free, and a few paid websites, I settled on creating a free-site on Wix, with the option to upgrade to a paid, custom domain later on. Wix seemed to be the simplest base to build upon, and endless customisation depending on how far you wish to go. I started to think about how I wanted to present my site from an aesthetically pleasing and professionally inviting perspectives.

As I began to build my website menu, I looked to the criteria as a guideline of how I wanted to build these separate pages. I wanted a landing page and began to design my overall colour palette and design based on this page. I have some website experience from my years on WordPress, and knew i wanted to have a blog component and links to my social sites.

After spending my first day designing and planning my layout, I began to correlate what content each page will include; my media arts, communication and media research and my professional practices encompassing both these elements.