Media Arts Project Week 2: Looking at Jobs

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In Week 2, we were tasked with searching for our ideal job or internship- and by chance I stumbled across a job posting I seriously considered applying for. I found an ideal internship, coincidentally located at Innovation Campus, as a Digital Marketing Superstar for a Cosmetics Company called ‘Ethique’

Qualifications Listed vs Qualifications I Have

They listed an extensive list of qualifications to meet their criteria, including having the relevant tertiary qualifications or 2 years experience in the related fields of media and communications. I don’t quite fit this criteria, as I have not yet completed my degree although I do have many years experience with social media and relations, and a vast understanding of media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Also required were strong computer skills and Adobe Photoshop experience. I have the former but the latter I am still learning to use above a beginners level.

They listed many personal qualities and attention to detail to which I personally feel I matched, including working in a group or independent environment and task managing.

Tasks Involved

The listing also described some of the key tasks I would be involved in should I prove successful, including producing content for the company’s social channel, scheduling and managing this content and engaging with the community. I read through all the tasks and felt I would be more than capable of completing these responsibilities.


Skills Required

Included in their list of desirable qualities was a short list of traits they were enthusiastic to find, including seeking applicant with strong experience in videography and photography. Through this course and my own personal interests, I have vast experience using Adobe Premiere and use it extensively.