CAOS203: Medium=Message In A Nutshell


Is The Medium The Message?

Essentially, McLuhan’s interpretation of media, was that the choice and form of a media platform embodies meaning and purpose on its own; regardless of the message being carried. The medium utilised, has its own message that is being sent out with the actual communication, or can in fact change the meaning of the intended message. Would you consider a message carrying different meaning if it was sent of Snapchat rather than Facebook Messenger?

Medium + Message = Today’s Media?

Particularly in today’s media, Snapchat’s medium has its own very unique message. We all know, that what is posted on the internet stays on the internet. Snapchat’s drawcard is that the message fades away after ten seconds. So we are governed by the medium to what kind of message it will send. The medium dictates that it is something we don’t want to last, or be forever etched into the interwebs. Something we wouldn’t ordinarily send on Facebook, where it will last forever. The fact we choose this medium is the message, rather than another, for a specific purpose.