Sue Healey- Guest Lecture [Critical Portfolio]

Sue Healey originated from a practice of choreography and dance, before venturing into film making and installation art. In her guest lecture of Week 8, Healey discussed the interconnection of dance and film making in her works, and exploring social and economical undertones.

Sue Healey’s VIRTUOSI (trailer) from Performing Lines on Vimeo.

After the lecture, Healey directed the class in a collaborative practice activity, where we were given a bunch of rope, and instructed to make a 3D object in groups, then record our result. It seemed a simple enough task, using ourselves with the rope to create an object that was 3-Dimensional. Some groups were given different types of string, we were given a more traditional looking, thick and course rope. The boys in my group immediately began to comment on how it resembled a rope used for making a noose.

The activity was aimed to get us to engage, and think, about materials and how we utilise them. I had argued, the rope was already a 3D object in of itself, but was quickly vetoed from this conclusion in that we had to make an object. In the end, my group actually ended up making a noose as the ‘object’, in a slightly more macabre interpretation than what I think Healey intended for us. Another idea we tested before this, was a wave. We attempted to make the object of a wave using the rope, by one person holding each end of the rope and swaying it, to simulate a wave. It was another skewed interpretation of Healey’s instructions, the presentation which I preferred. This was an important lesson in practice and creation, but also teamwork in the creation process, which proved difficult to get everyone to behave and complete the task at hand. Observing some of the other groups in the exercise saw interesting collaborations and creations, and highlighted some of the really vital aspects of activities like this. The dynamic of individuals in a group is essential to productivity, if a group cannot work well together, their work will not be great.

Overall it was an enlightening exercise into our current practices in art installations. Healey’s words of advice and guidance were beneficial to my understandings of moving forward with generating our own major project.