The Robot Workforce Cometh

via GraceMarketData

Robots in our workforce is nothing new, industrial robots have been at the forefront of assembly lines for years now- automotive being the most common. Robots in engineering and construction, robots in medicine, a robot is the jack of all trades! We are starting to see a huge increase in robots, and robots + AI,  as key componments in the technological industry and the global economy.

We are entering a period of change and upgrading the way our work industry operates, and it is not a one, way flowing stream. Mercendes Benz is removing robots and introducing more people in their production lines to “save money and safeguard our future.Drones replacing crewed aircraft, robotic submarines replacing the need for 20 men crew and oxygen. “Soft-robotic rovers” by NASA to go exploring the solar system where no man could ever go. Even proposed autonomous greenhouses and fisheries, that will cultivate and grow our food without us even having to be there to pilot the barge. There are many, many more, some removing us from the occupation, some putting us back in, others entering a domain we couldn’t even go!

The growing concern, is seeing one possible implication of introducing more and more robots to do jobs for us, they will replace us. Perhaps not a large percentage, but enough to worry those in that area. What is the need for concierge or butlers, when Robo-Butler will bring you your food right to your door and eliminate the need to awkward small talk? (On the plus side one has no need to tip a Botler). Though Botler seems to have a handle on this, perhaps it’s counterpart waiters need a few tips in basic customer service.  I suppose we won’t need Uber or Taxi’s anymore, now that there will be self-driving cars around every corner. George RR Martin won’t have to worry about finishing A Song Of Ice and Fire, this robot can probably do it for him.

We often see conversation of these robots replacing humans in the ‘dirty’ work we don’t want to undertake for ourselves, and immediately see it at as a threat to those in those markets, from journalist to marine farmer to uber driver.  We are concerned, because a lot will change. It wise to keep in mind, nothing will happen overnight. We won’t wake up and suddenly your local barista will be a robot or your hairdresser a synthetic human. Revolutions aren’t instantaneous, and like I said, robots in workforces are already quite commonplace. It seems more likely of a shift, not a removal of the human in the workplace. Instead of the mechanic fixing the machine, the mechanic will fix the robot when it breaks. There will be more of a similar style like Mercedes Benz in robots and humans working harmoniously, increasing productivity off one another.

Unfortunately, it won’t likely be the case of Wall-E where robots do everything for us, despite robot’s proven repertoire humans will still be a part of this future. Even with robots in the ‘dirty’ workforce, it is the utopic-view that it will free up humanity for more productive and creative endevours.

Like watching Cat Videos on Youtube for 3 hours straight.