learning to rotoscope day 34

Learning to Rotoscope – #8 Light from Isabel Napier on Vimeo.

Advancing from my seventh rotoscope, I tried to improve it and create what I had envisioned. I used a royalty, free-to-use footage (link in video description) video channel and searched for a complimenting background footage like I had made in this post. I was very content with how that rotoscope had turned out, and wanted to try it one more time.

I couldn’t find exactly the background footage I needed, and settled for this. It worked, to an extent, but the blending of the rotoscope to the footage I see, had made it incredibly hard to view the rotoscope. If you hadn’t seen the original of the dancing, it would be hard to ascertain what was happening in this video.

Overall, I liked how this one turned out, and I feel that there is much more potential in this overlying rotoscope area, but my second video was not as much of a success as my first.