learning to rotoscope day 33

Learning to Rotoscope – #6 Dance Again from Isabel Napier on Vimeo.

This rotoscope did not quite turn out as I had hoped it would, and I feel it because of two reasons. Firstly, though it is incredibly simple, the shading wasn’t right. It was not working for some reason and I struggled to pinpoint why. Secondly, the footage I used was only 30 frames in total, just over a second in regular time. This was leftover footage from the second rotoscope, and I had intended to use the rest of the footage as well, but realised halfway through that footage I had been shading it incorrectly. The shading was not consistent and I deemed it unusable.

Looping and slowing down the framerate made the rotoscope acceptable, but I could still see imperfections in it. I still see a higher quality in this rotoscope in terms of balancing the jitters and cropping the frames so that they are even and flow smoothly.


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