Digital Resistance: Hacking, A Force Wielded For Good & Bad, But Mostly Bad

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Hacking plays its role in the scheme of things one could say, but even hackers have a code they bide by. What happens when they violate their own code? Is there such a thing as good hacking and bad hacking? I certainly have a case for bad hacking on my mind.

Assange desrcibed WikiLeaks as an “unsensorable system for mass document leaking and public analysis” (Khatchadourian 2010) with a firm policy in don’t damage, don’t change, just share (Mitew, 2014). Hacker ethic dictate this code of ethics in information freedom paramount and sharing. Here lies where hacking has a purpose, where it does good. WikiLeaks has a purpose that isn’t malicious or ill-intended. It has a clear cause to expose the truth and shine light into the dark corners of the web.

The bad, is where the cause is simply to wreck havoc and cause chaos, spreading malware like wild fire in the case of Stuxnet To hurt others through cyber means and create hacker anarchy. What purpose was there to hack into my back account and steal all my savings? Did it expose any truth, did it  (which actually happened, hence my aversion to hacking as a concept) Is the purpose to demonstrate the struggle between the individual and the constitution, make me second question my blind trust that ‘it won’t happen to me’? Or limit my online shopping? Because all of those have definitely happened. Except the online shopping cut-backs.

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6 thoughts on “Digital Resistance: Hacking, A Force Wielded For Good & Bad, But Mostly Bad

  1. Really good approach at this week’s topic on hackers. I liked your viewpoint in addressing both the good side and bad side of hacking. From research that I have conducted, i have realised that most hacktivist have good intentions by exposing those who have ill intentions. This being said, this is still considered a bad action, which I feel you addressed really well. In making a suggestion, I think that you could maybe add some more visuals to your blog, but overall a great job.

  2. Very well articulated post, Isabel. Vey interesting to understand the good-doings of hackers and the not-so-good doings of them. Great that you used and Assange quote in describing the means of Wikileaks, highlighting the somewhat importance of public knowledge of certain ‘leaked’ information. Interesting questions you posed at the end too, adding a personal and somewhat relatable post.

    Additionally, do you believe that sites such as Wikileaks are essential in the world of free press and acquired accounts of information? Or do you think that some kind of censorship is healthy in ‘protecting’ the human race from information that doesn’t necessarily relate to the happenings of everyday humans?

  3. I liked how you incorporated both the good and bad sides of hacking into the one post. Wow I can’t believe you’ve actually been a victim of someone hacking into your bank account and stealing your savings…??? What was the result of the incident may I ask? To answer your question, I think they just did it to steal your money haha. Does this make you wary of how you store your bank details online? These things are good to know for you to avoid being hacked: http://www.northshorebank.com/about-us/connecting-with-you/december-2014/online-banking-how-to-avoid-being-hacked.aspx

    My suggestion to improve your post would be to hyperlink some keywords and topics to give a viewer more ease in learning more about the topics of your post i.e. wikileaks, stuxnet, Assange, references etc.

    1. I’m still in the process of getting my money back, a very very slow process I have learnt. And yes. I am definitely a lot less trusting and more paranoid about the dark evil lurkers on the web now. Just shows not even the safest places on the web can truly ever be impenetrable.

  4. Hilarious name for your blog.
    Also that SUCKS about getting your money stolen. There will always be people who are looking to be a parasite and steal money rather than create something of value and earn money.
    Like everyone before me has said, way to incorporate both the good and the bad of hacking into your post. Like most things in life there’s the good and the bad – hackers expose evil in the world we would otherwise be unaware of. At the same time hackers do commit a stack of identity theft.

  5. Though we both know that you will never not online shop, I thin you having a personal experience relating to this week’s topic means you have a good insight into ‘good’ and ‘bad’ hacking. I agree that there are cases such as when Government secrets are leaked where it shows an unjust where hacking is beneficial. and then bad cases such as your example of monetary theft.

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