Network Society Paradigm: Cyberspace & ‘The New World’

I took a particular interest into this lectures discussion of cyberspace and the notion of cyberpunk. Which existed of such tropes like the separation of mind and body, body augmentation, virtual reality, hackers and network wars, and artificial intelligences alike.I decided to create a Youtube video that showcased the vast reach of cyberpunk and cyberspace traits that we find particularly interesting, and has been repeated time and time again in the media. As Castell reflects, technology does not determine society, yet without technology certain social structures could not develop. While it’s humanities flaw that we seek knowledge and connection regardless of consequences, it is a venture that will never stop, and will always find a way to move forward.
My mashup, titled “The New World” explores the relationship of humanity and mostly artificial intelligence, as well as the repercussions of advancing too far with science and humanity’s need for answers. The internet and all it can offer will always be a vital component in our world as we advance, and it advances along with us.


Castells, M (2004) ‘Afterword: Why Networks Matter’ Network Logic: Who governs in an interconnected world? (pp. 221-224)


5 thoughts on “Network Society Paradigm: Cyberspace & ‘The New World’

  1. Very thought provoking post, and actually quite emotional. It made me think about all the things we depend on the internet for and all the things in the future that will be dependant on cyberspace and it’s survival. Providing a video along with the text kept this very interesting and put into perspective the concept you were explaining. What song was playing in the background of that video, I really like it. It’s great to see the different perspectives that people bring to the topics each week and this is an approach that was well explored. Also good to see you linking to Castell to support your work. Very interesting post, I enjoyed it a lot. 🙂

  2. Your mashup video was amazing. I really enjoyed it and it definitely showed off your great editing and computer skills! It supported your post about cyberspace and cyberpunk and all the ideas and factors within them that has been presented in media, especially movies; overtime. The music and several voice-overs assist with the video in making it quite uplifting and powerful which is overall presented in both your video and the post. I particularly liked how you kept the text to a minimum and provided readers with the visual that may not be highly informative, but rather self explanatory with the various digital revolutions and innovations. I thoroughly enjoyed your post on the network society paradigm and look forward to reading more! Great Work!

  3. A really interesting way to portray your message cyberspace is definitely a concept that can be taken either way with a to of great areas in-between I think you chose well (Indiana jones) the media that you used to portray cyber space in your mashup it shows that there is so many possibilities for where the future can lead us.

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