BCM240, The Fun Begins: My (Secret) Media Space

Another semester, another streaming of blogging commences!

here we go

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First lecture brought up some interesting questions. Initiating that inner reflection and panic we uni students know oh, so well with the simple question how did you get here; which entailed more than just the shuttle bus and an injection of coffee to push us through a Monday afternoon.

Our generation has been immersed in the interconnected, internet culture we thrive in today. One lesson is drilled into us above all: don’t post anything you might regret someone you don’t want seeing it, seeing it.

Case in Point….

We are educated on creating and maintaining the appropriate presence online for good reasons, because though it seems like shouting into a void, it’s as permanent yelling on Youtube as it is yelling in someone’s face.

My media space, just like me in real life, has two sides. There’s the side you want people to see, and the other you want to stay hidden and mysterious. Like a Stephen King novel or Fall Out Boy song title.

While I do have a sensible media presence on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc, that (hopefully) any future employer or observing obscure relative can scan and view and not paint a negative image of yours truly. But there’s one media space that if anyone I knew in real life found, and knew it was me, I would turn as white as a rabbit in a snowstorm.

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I am talking about Tumblr.

My username is not my name. My icon is not me. Only a select few overlap in the media spaces from Tumblr. Tumblr is my other side. If my Tumblr was discovered, and a name was put behind the username, it’s impacts would suddenly become extremely real.

If I use an epxletive on my Snapchat story, my mother will immediately chastise me for swearing at my fat cat. I swear on my Tumblr, and there are relatively no consequences. Tumblr exists in a very, very separate media space than any other social platform I use. It is the side I don’t want people to know is me, to say what I have to say in the void, not for someone to see it but for me to say. Something about talking what I talk about on Tumblr, obessions and honesty for all in real life,  seems very strange. Like that dream you have of being naked in a room full of people you know. No? You didn’t have that dream? Yeah, neither….

I’m not ashamed of that side, or my activity in that media space because it is who I am and how I want to spend it. I don’t hurt anybody and nobody hurts me. But some allure and mystery, rather than your whole personality uploaded online isn’t such a bad idea. Because, though it’s the internet, and we must put on a good face and be responsible, sometimes you’ve just got to let loose and reblog gifs of Kit Harrington’s abs 20 times in a row if you need to.

If I suddenly get a spark of followers on Tumblr after posting this that are not due to my puns of glory, i’ll know someone found me. 

i will find you

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  1. I find it fascinating how the online media space allows us to bring our hidden sides out into public forums for complete strangers to behold, where once it would have been confined to your mind, and rarely, for those bold enough, an actual tangible space. Secret gatherings, secret publications – all occurring within the comfortably anonymous space our devices provide. Freeing 🙂

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