Online Persona Case Study: Once Upon A Time (ABC) Official Twitter


In the readings for this week, Marwick and Boyd discussed the role of celebrity practice on twitter, and the creation of an online persona. Twitter, they argued, has become a unique tool for portraying the “backstage” and “onstage” personalities as a way to maintain publicity and connection. (Marwick, Boyd 2011)
I wanted to discuss how it is not only the use of Micro celebrities that utilise the purpose of an online persona to “maintain popularity and image”, but shows as well. (Marwick, Boyd 2011). Once Upon A Time (2011)m an ABC Production, heavily relies on using it’s Twitter and Facebook accounts to “publicly acknowledge fans”, by ways of fostering live tweeting events with the cast,  or the use of “language and cultural references” to create “affiliations” with the fans, done so in tweets such as these, using hashtags related to the show. (Marwick, Boyd 2011)

(Original Tweets x, x)

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By actively addressing and interacting with fans, popularity and the show’s image is maintained through the “ongoing fan management”, and meeting “fan expectations” while also allowing their followers/fans to gain insight through BTS photos or stories from the cast that they so desire. (Marwick, Boyd 2011)

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Marwick, Alice, Boyd, Danah (2011) ‘To See and Be Seen: Celebrity Practice on Twitter.’ Convergence: The international Journal of Research into New Media Technologies 17(2) 139-158.


3 thoughts on “Online Persona Case Study: Once Upon A Time (ABC) Official Twitter

  1. I enjoyed your post on the online persona and the growing use of social media by Television shows and celebrities. I think it’s really interesting to learn how celebrities and popular media programs use social media to both gain a larger audience and also connect with the audience.
    What I could suggest to improve your post would be more examples! Perhaps you could have focused on ‘Keeping up With the Kardashians’ and the families’ use of social media to connect with their fans and increase their celebrity profile

  2. whilst your post does get the point across and the example used is accurate, i felt you could have gone into more depth with the analysis of celebrity practice on twitter and that this post was quiet brief as a whole. Was enjoyable though and was good to see extra research taken to find a case study, good work.

  3. Your thoughts on the online persona for Once Upon A Time are very well expressed, you used an example that isn’t cliche but still has a large fanbase. I enjoyed reading your post because I, too am a fan of the television show. The way you describe the interaction fans and artists have with each other is bigger than we actually see! You discussed the online persona in a way I believe many users will love and understand

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