The Marvel Transmedia Universe


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This post I discuss via podcast Marvel’s exploration into becoming the massive transmedia corporation it is today, and will it go further?

Listen Here: https://soundcloud.com/isabelnapier/transmedia-the-marvel-universe-bcm112

Marvel is certainly the big ticket item for transmedia, they saw the opportunity and boy have they cashed in on it. It’s great to experience the universe and it’s rich stories outside of the cinema yet still with the cinema experience. And with the added knowledge you gain from connecting the dots between each story, or the excitement when characters crossover, you truly get a whole new level of experience from Marvel being transmedia. But is it heading towards too much of a good thing?

UPDATE: found a Marvel Universe watching guide so you won’t miss any channel of Marvel’s greatness!

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2 thoughts on “The Marvel Transmedia Universe

  1. Marvel have a very strong marketing technique with the whole transmedia story ideas. The fact that they have successfully managed to do this so far has really worked in their favour as you said allowing them to create many different characters and new stories. On the question you asked of it being oversaturated I guess it is hard to tell. I mean we have reached a new day and age in technology where there is constantly new introductions and improvements and maybe there will never be an end. For example The Hulk films (2003 and 2008) were filmed on a technological scale quite a while ago and they have many more opportunities to be remade with 3D technology ect and who knows there may even be more in the future. They remade the Hulk once (http://www.cinemablend.com/The-Incredible-Hulk-2312.html) maybe they’ll do it again.
    Marvel is the perfect example of Transmedia that has successfully worked in this industry and I think it is definitely such a great thing.
    Great soundcloud post! Keep up the great work.

  2. Such a great example of a transmedia narrative. Marvel produces some amazing things- from their original comics to tv animated series and now these huge blockbusters that have completely grabbed everyone’s attention. I know it’s something my brother and I discuss on a daily basis. The way the films have altered a lot of the information from the original comic book series and have reshaped this into a new kind of narrative. The advantage of making story lines into a transmedia narrative is that you can slightly alter the original content in order to change the message. That’s what it all comes back to- the media is the message. Great example! I like how you leave the ending of your podcast open for us to dwell on. It’s something I wonder about often… how far will they expand the marvel universe onto the screen!

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