It’s Remix-Culture, my dear Watson.

After a long and arduous process I present: ‘Pinky + The Sherlock’ to answer your long burning desire…”What would happen if i mashed up Pinky and the Brain and Sherlock?”

We are inherently very curious to uncover ways to make something old into something new again, as apparent in our fascination with remixes. We want to improve, or add to what has daydream been created in a way we see as lacking or needed; or perhaps simply because it will be funny. Remixes can bring new meaning to an established work different from its intended message, and Youtube has been the perfect facilitator for this niche culture. This kind of remix culture probably wouldn’t have a platform to exist on if Youtube wasn’t around. How else would I be able to broadcast my remix of Sherlock?


2 thoughts on “It’s Remix-Culture, my dear Watson.

  1. Oh you have brought back memories. I always loved Pinky and the Brain! You did a pretty good job for someone that has never done a mash up before. I have not even attempted it yet. It is amazing that these days you can take two completely different TV shows (a beloved cartoon and two well known detectives) and put them together to create something completely new, and it works so well too. Both have the “master” and the sidekick. I wonder what it would be like if something similar was actually made into a real TV show? It would be interesting to see what would happen if you took this concept and turned it into a mini series using a few episodes of pinky and the brain mixed up with more of Sherlock, or even mashed up a few other popular TV shows to see what else you can create? I know the content is not original, but it’s almost like ‘Bad lip reading’ where he has dubbed over the voices of characters in popular TV shows. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I0BnadYbLIU He has taken these shows and turned them into something completely new and it is very very funny.

  2. This is actually amazing, congrats! For somebody who has never done it before you have smashed it out of the park. I love Sherlock and Pinky and the Brain WAS my childhood, I feel so nostalgic now :’) I think you’ve really nailed the idea of remixes – they can be powerful and life-altering or just fun and really niche. And Youtube is definitely the home of that!

    Another little Sherlock ditty, you’ll probably love this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d3uf5ZgG2L0 mix up of the show and the Rescue Rangers Theme. Old school theme songs are brilliant!

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