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(image, airregconsulting.com) I am using this blog post to trial questions from our group assignment and the draft questions we created this week. We decided to investigate news relevance, and what is more prominent: sensational items, or political. Our aim question was: How does the way you access news affect your understanding of current affairs, in terms of relevance e.g. elite versus popular culture stories.  I took 2 trial runs of the questions we came up with, minus a few which need further developing. Trial 1

Subject is Male, aged 18-25.

What Media Platforms do you use? I use a computer, my tablet, the TV, Radio, Mobile and Newspapers or magazines. 

Which do you get your news from? Mostly my computer or phone, also television, radio, print and word of mouth.

What traditional news outlets do you view? ABC, SBS, TEN or WIN Network, sometimes the Sydney Morning Herald. I read the local papers too.

Do you use social media to get news? Yes.

Which social media sites? Facebook, Twitter and Youtube

Do you feel you are well informed on current events Yeah I’d say so.

Do you believe to be well informed about current events and relevant events you need to access one media outlet? I think you can access almost everything you need to know through one outlet or another. Though for a broader range of views you will need to use multiple sources. So no. 

What have you heard more about: The Germanwings planecrash or Zayne leaving One Direction? Plane Crash. 

Analysis of Trial 1 Subject A answered each question in detail and offered in insights, and believed that to have a healthy and widespread understanding of current events, you didn’t necessarily need to access one particular form of website over another. But acknowledged the importance of being aware of important global and national events.

Trial 2

Subject is Female, aged 40-50

What Media Platforms do you use? Laptop, iPad, Television, Radio in the car, my phone and newspapers. 

Which do you get your news from? Computer, TV, Radio or Mobile. And the paper.

What traditional news outlets do you view? ABC,WIN News, the Australian and the Illawarra Mercury

Do you use social media to get news? No

Why not? I prefer to use social media for entertainment

Do you feel you are well informed on current events Yes

Do you believe to be well informed about current events and relevant events you need to access one media outlet? Yes, you need a balanced and wide ranging series of opinions, not what is ‘trending’. Balanced reports from professional sources.

What have you heard more about: The Germanwings planecrash or Zayne leaving One Direction? The Germanwings crash, I heard much more about it and am much more interested in that.

Analysis of Trial 2: comparing the demographics of Subject A and B, A was more aware of current issues than B, and more ‘present’ and attentive to more media platforms for obtaining news. A & B had very differing opinions on the importance on being well informed on current and relevant events. B believed one needs to access across a range of outlets in order to bypass the ‘trending’ sensational tales that might not necessarily entail verifiability. B mentioned the importance of having professional sources as well, and its role in providing awareness to readers.

In all, I feel the topic we have chosen to investigate will be rather interesting in what we can uncover and infer with the data we will collect. We perhaps need a little more refining on what we are researching and lock down our final questions. My two trial runs have enlightened me and encouraged what we are hoping to achieve in comparing how people receive their news and if their scopes are limited by the sites or platforms they choose to use. The feedback I received from the interviews is that we need clearer questions in order to get more information out of them.


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  1. Sounds like a sound trial for you survey questions. It is very interesting to see the difference in views between two generations. I feel that the second trial interview, which you noted as ‘B’ had a point with the ‘trending’ concept. I find it interesting to check out the trending section on Facebook, but it is fairly limited in breaking news compared to other media outlets.
    A cool question idea for your survey also might be to find out what ‘keywords’ people type into their search engine to find news articles. It may give you an idea what news topics they’re interested in too.
    Awesome work and all the best with the second assessment.

  2. Both of your trial interviews appear to have been quite successful in my opinion! Well done in getting two respondents who are of differing age, and would therefore be able to provide comparative insights. I also think you did a good job in providing an example of an entertainment news story vs. a political news story with the Germanwings plane crash vs. Zayn from One Direction question. Although I was surprised that both respondents answered with the plane crash, as personally I heard more about Zayn! Which is perhaps connected to the fact that I follow more entertainment pages on social media and prefer to listen to the entertainment news. So following on from that, another question you could potentially ask could be something surrounding the participants’ priorities with regards to the news and getting them to rank their responses, e.g. 1. Entertainment and celebrities 2. World news 3. Sport, etc. It may provide further insight into your participants interests and attitudes, and why they seek out the news they do.

    I can’t wait to see your final outcomes, it sounds like a very interesting topic. Good luck!

  3. It was super interesting getting an insight to a different age groups perspetive on technology. Maybe I should talk to my mother about these things more!

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