Empowerment, Access and Participation across Youtube

Digital media platforms have been the epitome of a facilitator for seeking audiences, to be the not only the consumers, but also the creator. What’s a more potent example of this than Youtube?

Anyone can view, anyone can like or comment, and anyone can click upload. Vlogbrothers(@johngreen, @hankgreen) started as two creative brothers who wanted to communicate through only Youtube videos to each other, which spurned into a global community.

Communitychannel(@natalietran) was just a girl and a webcam, documenting her life and whatever she found funny or interesting, who transformed into a spokesperson who gained international recognition for her creativity and unique perspective

Why i’m drawn to each of these channels, is that they were all simply individuals who wanted to contribute and drew millions in their influence. The power of one, could inspire and motivate hundreds of others to not be just audiences but join in and be a part of it.

10 years ago, the term vlogger didn’t even exist, but Youtube and Youtubers created it. They created an entire method of communication- vlogging. All it takes is hitting upload, and you are a part of the action.