What are your own copyright-related practices as a digital content user?

Buzz and Woody (Toy Story) Meme meme

(Source, Make a Meme)

Pretty much everything ever created or thought of today has been branded, claimed and owned, more than you realise. It’s there for a reason, to protect what belongs to the rightful owner. But does it mean a world without some measure of free reign is a world without new ideas? What about works that inspire others? Will they infringe copyright too?

My own practices don’t reach much farther than low scale mash-ups of shows and movies, a small glimpse into the world of copyright and fair use. All my actions encase are accepting Youtube’s acknowledged third party content, and if I don’t agree, my video won’t be public. Simple as that. But the real world of Copyright is a much bigger and scarier place than me mashing a song and a show together.