BCM210: We are the Researchers on the Wall (What is Media Research?)

game-of-thrones-the-watchers-on-the-wall_article_story_largeoriginal (Images Source: HBO)

Whether you are trying to pick a new car, finding out what colour that damn dress is or uncovering your enemies weaknesses to conquer the Iron Throne, you are conducting research in all of your choices. You have an intention or belief you wish to prove or disprove, and to do that you need facts, or a very big army with dragons. where-are-my-dragons (Source, HBO via oneextendedhyperbole.tumblr.com)

Any research processes involve the same skeletal structure. Let us follow Dany’s plight to find her dragon-babies as a refresher. 1. Observation. (WHERE ARE MY DRA-yeah you get it, her dragons are missing,) tumblr_m544jr0Rd71rp2zn0o1_500 (Source, HBO via pinterest) 2. Data Gathering. Recruit J-Bear (aka Jorah) to find out who took the dragons. Who would want her dragon-babies (D.B’s)? Well…they’re dragon babies who doesn’t want them. Who was the last to see them? Dany’s friend Doreah is missing…is she dead or did she take D.B’s? Who else would have an interest in them? Daenerys-Emelia-Clarke-and-Jorah-Iain-Glen (Source, HBO via unaffiliatedcritic.com 3. Theory & Hypothesis Forming.  Creepy Guy wants to take over Qarth. Dragons are a pretty good way to do that.  (Theory) Creepy Guy wants to kidnap Dany and keep her with the dragons until he can take over the world, probably. (Hypothesis) maxresdefault (Source, HBO) 4. Lil’ bit more data. They know where the dragons are, but it’s a 150% chance it’s a trap. But hey! She’s Daenerys Stormborn, she and J-Bear can defeat Creepy Guy! Creepy Guy needs Daenerys otherwise the dragons are useless. To get her D.B’s she must give up herself. Dany’s pretty sure she’s smarter and more badass than Creepy Guy, so she thinks she can rescue them. 5. Analysis. Fire Cannot Kill A Dragon. Creepy Guy definitely underestimates the Mother of Dragons, tries to distract her with visions while he locks her up with her D.B’s, but Creepy Guy is no match for this Scaley Squad. What’s one word to prove it? Dracarys. 114958-dracarys-mother-of-dragons-img-Cezk (Source, HBO via tee.mybigarchive.info) 6. Deduction. Nobody messes with the Dragon Babies. No one.


(Source, HBO via www.oneman.gr) Congrats Daenerys for a successful outcome in your research and investigation, and you certainly uncovered some valuable information: don’t trust creepy guys. Anyone can conduct research, and within the media researching an issue becomes more than just ‘googling’ it. It involves systematic, objective ventures for the truth on a matter in a never expanding world where unsubstantiated opinions run amok and truth is relative. Media shapes the way we think, see, and react to almost everything, as a useful tool to explain our points through memes and gifs or characters. We are fast becoming a culture that will not remember the world before this rampant media platforms, is this inherently the end or the beginning? Media is simply another tool we use for communicating our ideas and beliefs, we shape it and it shapes us. Using media for research and researching media, is a complex and multidisciplinary field. Tools are invaluable, as long as we use them the right way. I for one, if it weren’t obvious before, would perhaps like to research television series, and the effects of the ‘fandom’ culture emerging. Dany, J-Bear, Baby-Dragons, saddle up. We’re about to go researching. got-gif-3_zps593f4e3a

(Source, HBO via www.dailyedge.ie)

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