BCM112: Converging on the Media’s

brace yourself(Source, HBO)

here we go(Source, FOX)

TV has been emerging from its rigid structure to venture its way into the new converging world. We once wanted to sit mindlessly in front of the screen and have the laugh-track tell us when to laugh, or cue the sad, sopey music to remind us to cry and be sad.

large (Source, Fox)

Channel 10’s latest venture into this convergent media is the Australian adaptation of UK’s “Gogglebox”, and my recent obsession, has proved to be a new niche of television that has the potential to reach across the screen and tap into its audience. A show based entirely on watching people watch TV, its unique concept and concise editing is indelible to its odd charm.

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(Source, Ten via Sydney Morning Herald)

The recently airing show, has now integrated at the end of each episode the directions for you to record your reactions to a clip, that you can upload and it featured as a part of the show and be a part of the fun! It inadvertently stimulates the passive audience, that will direct them onward throughout many social media platforms onto Twitter, Facebook, and perhaps Youtube to document their own reactions. Already rather successful with video gamers reacting, success is imminent!