Why does it matter who controls the media?

The media is our source for information that is not readily available to us. I know what the weather is like looking outside my window, but what if I wanted to know what kind of weather they were having in Turkey? Or if I wanted to learn about events happening in the world I can’t know about by glancing outside my window. The media is our only way to broaden our horizon and enlighten us on what is happening in the world. This is why it is important for this information to be reliable, unbiased and impartial.  What would happen, if I read a news article saying it was raining doughnuts in Turkey right now? Do I believe it? (Putting aside common sense briefly. Mmm….doughnuts) How will I know if it is raining doughnuts in Turkey or not? Do I take one article as telling the truth? If I trust this article, am I going move permanently to Turkey and live entirely off doughnuts?  The answer is  yes of course I would. But imagine my disappointment once I got there and no doughnut utopia existed. This is why is matters who controls the media, and why media needs a broad spectrum of reporters and sources of information. With a variety of viewpoints, there will be less bias and filter out those silly reports of raining doughnuts (dammit). With more angles & perspectives the healthier it will become, the more reliable what we are hearing about will be.  If only a small minority in control of what is reported how will we know what is not being made available to us? North Korea for example has only one singular stream of information fed to them. They have no knowledge of any other sides to a story, no reason to question what they are given isn’t the whole truth. It matters greatly who controls the media, any form of media. I occasionally (ok a lot) spend my time on Tumblr, founded by David Karp, which recently switched ownership to Yahoo. And to say there was a negative reaction to this takeover is like saying I occasionally spend my time on Tumblr. Fear and outrage spread like wildfire. “They’re going to delete our blogs! All NSFW content will be removed! Anyone who plagiarises or steals will be shut down! Will we all have to start using Bing???” yet it has been almost a year, and I have not seen any major changes apart from a new security policy. In my opinion, Yahoo’s acquisition has not at all harmed the way we blog. However, if I were to somehow find myself handed the golden key to Tumblr.com, there would be no knowing what disaster would unfall. What if I decided to ban all picture, gifs, videos, fanfics of Justin Bieber? What if I only allowed content from Game of Thrones to be shown on the website? Would my users even know there were other shows? I have the power to limit my users to what they can know, and if I can limit, I can influence and control the way they think. And before we know, it we will all be living in a utopic, doughnut raining society.