Media Misrepresentation

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Commander Shepard - via Johntesh Commander Shepard – via Johntesh

The Media has been blamed for outrageous misrepresentation of gender, gender roles and dangerous stereotyping. Let’s face it, for the most part that accusation is more than justified.

Ads feature scantily clad women parading around under the guise of “sex sells” and video games showcase unrealistic men displaying heroism through violence and domination; injustice is everywhere.

As with many other things media is blamed for, the issue runs a lot deeper and cannot be blamed on media alone. Media is but one facet of society that people are exposed to every day. It’s easy to forget the influence that surroundings and other people can have on us, our family, community and role models can shape our views and effect us just as easily as any member of the media or fictional figure can.

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