Introduction to blogging

Introduction to blogging

Nothing says welcome to my blog like a picture of me grinning next to a Panda bear in San Diego!
I am Isabel Napier, native of clan Woonona. I am 18 and am now studying International Studies with Communication and Media. It’s a bit of a mouthful and I dread whenever anyone asks me what I am studying. I have absolutely no idea what i’m doing in any form of my life, other than blindly charging through and hoping for the best.

Little to know about me other than I already spend an unhealthy amount of time on the internet. I watch a plethora of TV shows (sorry I wanted to sound smart, and I just really like that word it sounds so funny)
I am pathologically obsessed with a large quantity of tv shows. You name me a show and there is likely an 80% chance I will tell you when it first aired, its episode count, my favourite character and the number of times I have watched it. (I have a life I swear I do) (it’s not true she’s lying) (shoosh me in a slightly different tone)

When i’m not fangirling over Jon Snow, you may find me practising my art as a local Sandwich Artist at Subway. Although chances are I will still be secretly thinking about Jon Snow….you know nothing Jon Snow….

Anyway, where was I.

My other interest include reading, I occasionally like to make/edit little videos but I’m not terribly good so I won’t make you all suffer through them.

Hope you all had a good first week! Happy Blogging everybody!


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